Driven by sustainability

Sustainable packaging is an important part of our supply strategy. We are on top of the developments in green foil, and we are focusing on further developments towards a circular economy with compostable or bio-degradable supplies.

Because we deliver a high-volume dose dispensing system, we also deliver supplies of foil and ribbon as a package, 1,000 meters each. The ready-to-go medicine rolls hold together with a sticker dot.

We deliver the foil in different variations, including transparent-transparent as well as transparent-white.
Stable foil and the correct barriers are key in the production process of medicine rolls.
The HiPro barriers we use in our foil safeguard the quality of the medicines in the produced pouches.

And important to mention, patients can easily open each pouch.

The DDI One system prints the customized contents on the pouches with a 300-dpi resolution. Due to the highly durable ribbon, the text adheres well to the pouch and is easy to read.

easy to open

stable and distinctive


The correct barriers against oxygen and vaporization.

highly durable ribbon

Scratch, heat and water resistant.