High production blister centers

Blister centers in general support pharmacies in their cooperation with nursing homes, hospitals, and outpatient care services. They deliver the individual, usually weekly or bi-weekly, drug blister packaging.

The DDI One system offers a high-production solution for blister centers with 7,500+ patients.

Driven by healthy passion, we at DDI have developed a completely new dose dispensing system that can support the entire workflow in your blister center.

DDInnovations not only has increased the speed of production, but we have also automated two of the most labor-intensive processes: inspection and winding & separation.

In combination with the 10-year warranty, we offer an integrated total solution that reduces your Total Cost of Ownership.


Process optimization and managing processes contribute to ensuring maximum productivity, reducing operating costs and improving process security.


The process of dose dispensing medicines starts with deblistering. The actual dose dispensing process is carried out in a cleanroom.

Collecting the correct medicines

In this process, the correct medicines are collected for each intake moment of a patient.

Inspection and dispensing

To ensure patient safety, which is crucial in this process, it is checked whether the correct medicines have been collected per intake moment and corrections are made if necessary. In the end they are dispensed in pouches.

Winding & separation, ready for distribution

Because the pouches are produced on a roll, the rolls must be rolled up and separated per patient. They are then ready for distribution.

“With the DDI One, we are convinced that we can achieve the forthcoming company growth more efficiently, with fewer specialists and with even higher quality. DDI brings machine blistering to the long-awaited industrial level.”

– European Blister Center Manager

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