A true Dose Dispensing Innovation

We create the most effective and complete dosing dispensing solutions for healthcare providers and patients with which the highest level of patient safety and treatment compliance can be achieved!

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We have developed a new dose dispensing system that can support the entire workflow in your production center. It delivers ready-to-go medicine rolls which can be automatically logistically processed.

Dutch Design

To deliver the most efficient process possible, automation is critical. The DDI One System speeds up the process at which the medicine rolls are produced. Not only have we increased the speed, we have also automated two of the most labor-intensive processes: inspection and winding & separation.

Together with our renowned partners, various technological components and solutions based on proven state-of-the-art technology are combined with our self-developed and realized software and hardware. All were designed in the Netherlands and only European materials are used.

faster production
minimal staff
fewer errors

faster production

The DDI One speeds up the production process, thanks to the speed of production, integrated inspection, and winding & separation.

minimal staff

We have automated two of the most labor-intensive processes: inspection and winding & separation. Our combination of smart software and workflow solutions allows you to deploy your skilled personnel more efficiently.

fewer errors

The innovative technical development of the internal inspection in the DDI One checks the content of every medicine roll and ensures there are significantly fewer errors.

Smart services modules

All our systems include best-of-class service, high-quality support, and 10-year warranty!

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DIY canisters

DDI One has a capacity of more than 1,200 canisters with content of up to 500 milliliters as a standard. Building the canisters yourself gives you maximum flexibility at the lowest price.

Patient safety

The canisters are equipped with a unique RFID chip. The DDI One System recognizes each canister via this chip, ensuring correct medication is dispensed. The canisters are closed by a special lid, which cannot be removed by hand. This way, the tablets in the canisters cannot come into contact with anything from the outside. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures patient safety. The canisters can only be opened with our own (Special) Canister Management System.

Special tablets not longer require a manual filling process per patient. With our DDI Planning & Management Software, you know in advance how many special tablets are needed in the whole batch of production. Special canisters can be filled proactively with one specific medicine and fed into DDI One while it’s running production.

This workflow offers maximum flexibility, easy refills and always the correct dose.

Complies with international certification standards

To ensure risk control and quality management, GMP and GAMP 5 standards are fully adopted by our hardware and software.

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