Many hands are involved in medication use. They all are supposed to follow the mantra of the “five rights”: right patient, right drug, right time, right dose, right route. But they can’t achieve that outcome without appropriate processes and conditions, including adequate staffing.

Medication errors hurt more hospitalized patients than any other mishap. Even patients taking medications at home frequently make a mistake and miss a dose or take the wrong amount or drug. Not all medication errors cause serious harm, but some are fatal and many result in the need for costly additional care.
DDI creates the most effective and complete dosing dispensing solutions for healthcare providers and patients with which the highest level of patient safety and treatment compliance can be achieved.

The DDI One System integrates innovative technical developments including internal inspection, checking the content of every medicine roll, and ensuring there are significantly fewer errors.

The canisters are equipped with a unique RFID chip. The DDI One System recognizes each canister via this chip, ensuring correct medication is dispensed. The canisters are closed by a special lid, which cannot be removed by hand. This way, the tablets in the canisters cannot come into contact with anything from the outside. This prevents cross-contamination and ensures patient safety.

To ensure risk control and quality management, GMP and GAMP 5 standards are fully adopted by our hardware and software.

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