About DDI

What we stand for? What are DDI's ambitions?

What we stand for?

We create the most effective and complete Dosing Dispensing solutions for healthcare providers and patients with which the highest level of patient safety and treatment compliance can be achieved!

Most effective and complete Dosing Dispensing solutions.

By DDI developed software "Ombrello"

By DDI developed machine "DDI One"

Built with "Proven Technology"

‘‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’’

DDI focuses on the total workflow of your Dose-Dispensing process.

A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable activity pattern, enabled by the systematic organization of resources in processes that transform materials, provide services, and provide process information to your organization.

Meaning that we have solutions for every step of your process: starting with the optimal processing of the centralized patient information, the ultra-fast production of your medicine-rolls into a final product in a single step, highly efficient logistics processing, up to provisioning useful medication information directly to your patients.

See our dose-dispensing-unit DDI One

Ambitions of DDInnovations

We create the most innovative end-to-end dose dispensing solutions to make personalized medication accessible with the prospect of a longer and healthier life for people.